NCCA President: Prayers from my heart at the ICV Vigil , Monday Evening, State Library.

NCCA President: Prayers from my heart at the ICV Vigil , Monday Evening, State Library.


My prayers will be encompassed in a three- fold chant
of “ Lord have mercy”. In the Greek, “Kyrie Eleison”...

My prayer begins with gratitude for the friendships that sustain us...I am so grateful for my friend Mohammed who invited me.... My heart breaks with his and yours..

My prayer is first and poignantly for the dead:
- who have left this earth so violently;

My prayer is for the bereaved :
-who are left with a wound that will never heal..this side of eternity;

My prayer is for the injured :
- who need such care;

My prayer is for the traumatised, including the vicariously traumatised:
-for the healing of memory;

My prayer is for young and old Muslims :
- that they may feel safe to again go their mosque and say their prayers;

My prayer is for the  politics of our democracy:
- that none will fan fear and hate for some cruel political gain..No double- speak. No obfuscation..

My prayer is for the growth of our interreligious , international peace- making community , premised on our being one human family;

My prayer is for our deepest partnership in sharing our learnings from prayer and meditation:
-that we become what we think; that our thoughts shape our words and then our actions; that the pattern of our thinking , over time  , shapes our character and that we must be attentive to what we think and who is influencing our thinking;
- that we just must bring our spiritual learnings to bear on the cultivation of pure hearts and minds..Dispersing all that now feeds hate thought , speech and action..”It is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks”(Jesus in Matthew 12:34)

Gathering all that is in our hearts in the divine mercy , I therefore pray from my heart.....




Bishop Philip Huggins

President of the National Council of Churches in Australia.