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The members of the Victorian Multifaith Advisory Group (MAG) and the Faith Communities Council of Victoria (FCCV) would like to offer our deepest condolences and sympathies to the victims of the Sydney hostage crisis and their families. We also extend our sincere gratitude to the police and emergency services personnel who put their lives at risk in the service of others.

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Christmas Bowl provides a major context and the resources for churches to work together for the communities most affected by conflict and disaster. It is an outstanding way to witness to the unity of the churches, and the hope that that brings, to the local community. The leaders of many of the member churches of the National Council of Churches in Australia have indicated their support for the Christmas Bowl Appeal. This year Christmas Bowl has its 65th anniversary and through Act for Peace we are providing many ways that you can be involved.

An exciting new development is the formation of a network of speakers on Christmas Bowl. These generous volunteers will soon receive training and resources to enable them to be ready to speak to churches and other community groups. We ask for your prayers to support them in their preparation and work. This will be an opportunity for your church to hear about the history of the Christmas Bowl Appeal and the heroic, passionate people it supports. Please contact the Act for Peace office in Melbourne on 03 9650 6811 or in Sydney on 1800 025 101 if you would like to invite a speaker.

Many churches and groups of churches are planning events such as combined carols nights, street collections, festivals and dinners for the Christmas Bowl. We love to hear about what you are doing and have a range of resources to help you.

Two special events are: the Inaugural Frank Byatt Lecture to be held at the Electra St Uniting Church in Williamstown on 16th November at 7.30pm. This will be presented by Rev Dr Sandy Yule and is in honour of the founder of the Christmas Bowl. Please use the attached flyer to promote the event.

The other special event is a performance of The Fourth Wise Man as a musical production. This was advertised previously and we are pleased to say that one church, the Southern Community Church of Christ, is performing it, and two other churches are considering it. We will have details of the performances shortly and will send them out.

There are exciting online resources available at www.actforpeace.org.au/christmasbowl . These will add to the resources you should already have received.

The familiar large Christmas Bowl posters will be available at the Rural Conference. They are also available at several Uniting Church Presbytery offices, particularly via their meetings. Otherwise please contact our office if you would like one or are able to offer assistance in transporting them.

Our aim this year is not only to increase giving via the Christmas Bowl Appeal to support our partners, but also to involve more people and to share with them the wonderful work that can be achieved by passionate people working together.

Jeff Wild

NCCA - Act for Peace Development Officer for Victoria and Tasmania

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       T: 03 9650 6811

Act for Peace working through its international partner organisation Act Alliance, have currently appeals for Syria, Gaza and West Bank projects.


To read more, please go to www.actforpeace.org.au


At this difficult time, when globally and locally, communities are reeling from the violence of extremism, we the Victorian Council of Churches Leadership, stand in support of all those who contribute to our rich, multicultural community in Australia, and also wish to retain their religious heritage and practices.


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The Gaza Children's Emergency Appeal is a joint initiative of St John Ambulance Australia and Hadassah Australia. Both organisations have long been at the forefront of efforts to provide a medical response to the needs of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank.

Please click here to read more and respond to Appeal.

‘I was in prison and you visited Me’ - A Christian approach to criminal justice


i was in prisonThe Inter Church Criminal Justice Taskforce, comprising senior Victorian Anglican, Catholic, Salvation Army and Uniting Church leaders, has released this brochure to give a Christian perspective on current issues of punishment, imprisonment and rehabilitation, and to offer effective and just ways to reduce crime and increase community safety.


In a related development, Victorian Church leaders have written to all Members of Parliament, calling for a 'restorative justice' approach to crime and offending, with a focus on prevention of crime, support for victims of crime, diversion from prison, and rehabilitation of offenders.  Click here for a copy of the letter.


Actions you can take to support a fairer approach to victims of crime and those who break the law

1.    If your church congregation has a social justice group, attend meetings and discuss criminal justice issues. See if there are initiatives the group can undertake to support prisoners and their families in your community. Invite speakers to address the group.

2.    Talk to your family and friends about how to build safer and more just communities. Find out more about the needs of vulnerable people in your local community, see if there are ways you can help.

3.    Write to politicians including your local Members of Parliament, ask them for their views about criminal justice, tell them you do not support the ‘tough on crime’ approach.

4.    Give your support to faith-based and other community organisations which help vulnerable groups, prisoners and those recently released from prison.

5.    Contact prison chaplains for your faith community, ask them what you can do to help.

6.    Further Reading and Links


The attached more detailed paper was written to inform the development of materials prior to the November 2014 Victorian State Election. It is provided as background information for other advocacy purposes.  Drawing on discussions of the Inter-church Criminal Justice Taskforce, the paper seeks to

  •     Reflect best practice policies in each area of concern (refer to the Table of Contents for the policy areas)
  •     Show how government can migrate from current practice to where we would like criminal justice policy to go
  •     Provide cogent argument for policy change – the government is seeking better, more cost-effective ways than the present way. The paper outlines alternative approaches to current problems.

Take the challenge! Eat like a Refugee for a week to support Refugees living on the Thai-Burma Border.


Eat the same rations as a refugee from Burma for one week, raise money, and show them they're not alone.

For more: www.actforpeace.org.au/rationchallenge

Please find attached a flyer for the next meeting of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Church Library Association.

Our organisation is very ecumenical  -  our current membership list includes church librarians from at least nine different denominations.  

Please feel free to distribute.

A scheme to help Churches lower their carbon footprint is being launched nationally. Known as NEEN the program is a rich source of information to help Churches be more energy efficient. Further information can be found by clicking on this link.

"A Coalition of Citizens and Organisation calling for a national conversation on Australia's identity and the place of war in its past and future."

'ANZAC Centenary 2015' is a coalition of community and faith based organisations and individuals, initiated by Pax Christi Victoria. Member organisations are active around issues of peace, social justice, human rights, environment, education, local government and interfaith dialogue.'

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