The Commission on Gospel and Culture have updated their web page, have a look here.

The Interchurch Criminal Justice Taskforce calls on the Victorian Government to ensure that the new prison to be built at Ravenhall in Melbourne's west incorporates best practice in rehabilitation, the provision of high quality mental and general health services, and effective transitional support - see attached media release, of 4 August 2013.


Please click here for the Media Release.



Both the Victorian Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches were blessed to have hosted the Rev Dr Michael Kinnamon for the VCC Mid-Year and Conference and for the NCCA 8th National Forum.


The Victorian Council of Churches is pleased to be able to provide the Rev Dr Michael Kinnamon's Oration "Why the Ecumenical Movement is a Movement of Peace" for download, by clicking here.


Ideas and enthusiasm generated by forum on faith-based organisations and community services

Thanks to all for an informative and challenging review of the role of Church-based agencies in Australia today.  Patrice Scales, Rev Olivia McLean, Marilyn Webster, Denis Fitzgerald at the forum
Around 50 people from a range of Churches and agencies gathered at Catholic Social Services on Monday 29 July 2013. Rev Ray Cleary spoke about the historical contribution of Churches to Australian society, and of the opportunities and challenges today to work for social justice, and to build on the contribution of a workforce diverse in its faith commitment, but rich in its motivation and commitment.

Captain Jason Davies-Kildea reflected on the strengths of faith-based community service organisations, and on the challenges facing Churches, and those facing community service organisations generally.   Other speakers, and participants generally, attested to the strength and diversity of the sector, and the reality of both opportunities and challenges that need to be engaged with.


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We thank Bishop Philip Huggins for the following prayer for the victims of the bombing in Boston. May we also see in it a prayer for others who have died violently this week in many other places.


A prayer tonight for all those innocents who die violently and unprepared. Including that little boy in Boston, waiting to give his dad a hug ...
Heaven and earth both weep.

Attack on the Heart of Christianity in the Middle East

8th April, 2013

St. Mark Cathedral in Abbassiya, Cairo is the international headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church and it is where the Coptic Pope resides. Hence it has a great symbolic meaning in the hearts of all Copts worldwide. Today a red line has been crossed[...]

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Thursday, 14 March 2013 07:32

The announcement early this morning that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina has been elected the 266th pope for the Roman Catholic Church has been welcomed by the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA).  He has taken the pontifical name of Francis I.


Read the full media release at the NCCA website



It is with sadness that we report the death of His Beatitude Ignatius IV, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and leader of the Antiochian Orthodox Church. On behalf of the VCC community we express our condolences.


Please find attached a media release from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council regarding asylum seekers by clicking on this link.


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